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I’ve Come out of Hiding

It’s been awhile since my last post and quite a bit has happened. 

I have finally finished my 2 week contract 9 weeks after starting.  It feels nice to be needed but my house really didn’t like me being away.  DH has done an alright job but he is a typical male and doesn’t see alot of the mess.  Enough about that…..what’s been happening with me you ask

Well….I survived my nana’s funeral.  The service was good and described her to a T.  I now remember who I inherited my hoarding bug from.  It was good to catch up with my half brother who is now a full foot taller than me and he’s only 17.  How the fuck did that happen???  Last time I saw him he was a 12yo short arse.  And I also got to catch up with my step mum and step auntie…who I have had many a good drinking session quiet night with before my kids came along.  And also got to see my auntie and uncle who I haven’t seen in about 2 years.  Thank god the one person I really didn’t want to see, my father, I managed to avoid for most of the day except when my sister and I decided it was his shout at the bar.  We got a couple of drinks out of him so at least he has contributed something to my life lately.

I am trying to let go of some of the guilt that I have been carrying around for the last couple of months in relation to my nana.  It still eats me up that I wasn’t able to tell her sorry but at least she was told that Till (my sis) and I were going to visit.  So hopefully she’s listening and understands that post pregnancy hormones do really weird things to a woman’s sense of reason.

Anyway….enough of that crap….onto the good things that have been going on.

About a month ago we got a call from the pound “Are you missing a dog” they ask.  “Why yes we are” we answer.  18 mths ago our little girl was stolen went missing when we were out.  She was a beautiful 3mth old little staffie and the daughter of our other staffie who went missing not long after.  Well it seems whoever found her registered her (without a name & address in the council file…go figure) but she ran away from them and the council picked her up.  We’d microchiped her so when she was scanned our details came up and they rang us.  $250 later and she is home where she belongs.  She hasn’t changed a bit apart from being a bit bigger than when we last saw her…..oh and they’ve made money, put her thru hell, she’s had a litter along the way somewhere.  My poor little girl.

And my last bit of news….for today at least….is I am now offically a Creative Memories Consultant.  I have never done anything like this before so hopefully all will go well.  I’ve got some great support from my upline and director so fingers crossed I can get the balls to stand in front of complete strangers and sell heaps of product.  Anyone interested in having a party???


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