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The 1/2 week that was….

It was 9.30 am Wednesday 12th November.  I get the call.  A local number near home but not ours is ringing me.  It’s J’s school. Broken his arm at school.  WTF?!?  I beat them to emergency by about 10min.  He arrived by ambulance high as a kite thanks to his magic whistle which he thought was all a dream.  It was bad enough that we had to stay overnight.  His arm was operated on at 7.30pm and out of theatre at 8.15 so he wasn’t under for very long but it was still scary.  We were discharged at 10.30am the next day and I was at work at 12pm.  Life as a casual sucks.  No sick leave. 

He was so brave during it all.  The ambo’s were fantastic.  During the day they kept popping back in and saying hello.  The last time I saw them was around 5pm and they told me they started at 7.30am and still hadn’t had a meal break.  Something has to be done about that.  Anyway, we have to go back to fracture clinic on Monday for more x-rays and his new cast.  He’s asked for Pinky-Purple coloured cast….should I be worried?

 Last night we took the J & C to see the monster truck world titles.  They were so loud.  Glad we didn’t take B.  It would have been way too loud for a baby.  There were people there with really young children and didn’t have earplugs in their ears……Hello People….little children+really really loud noises=not good.  The boys had their earmuffs so they were set.  A good time was had by all.  Even the one with the Broken Arm.


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Mindless dribble….

Well where should I begin??  I have been absent for a while now due to a few things going on.

I’m still working temp fulltime but am really missing my boys.  There was talk of going permanent but they haven’t said diddly squat since then about a month ago.  Have been there 4 mths now and not sure I want to work permanently just yet.  I got a txt the other day from DH telling me my baby stood by himself.  I told him not to txt me something like that when I’m at work.  It ripped me up so much.  He’s my baby I’m meant to be the one that was his whole world, that was with him for all those firsts.  I missed out on J doing all that stuff and finally got to enjoy some of it with C.  But B is my baby.  10mths old already.

I really want to stay home and look after my family.  I was starting to get the house in really good shape before I got this job.  Now it’s a tip.  Well…not really a tip but you know what I mean.  DH doesn’t see the details.  He’ll tidy but not clean. He does the washing but it ends up folded, sitting on the lounge for days.  I just don’t have the energy for working 2 fulltime jobs.  I’ve warned DH that if he doesn’t start doing more around the house I’m finding him a job.


I’m joining Kelley’s International not post every day of this month.  It’s going to be a tough one going by my history so far.  (And that was my first link & button.  I can’t believe it worked..Go Me!!)

Anyway…It’s late and I better get to bed. 

PS. I’m not going to be slack anymore….all comments will be replied to…;)

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Not Again…..

Well, my well earned break didn’t last very long.  I got a phone call on Wednesday afternoon asking if I was available to go back to work.  So another 4 weeks of work is now on the cards.  Don’t you love to feel wanted.

My poor house will miss me again…….

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I’ve Come out of Hiding

It’s been awhile since my last post and quite a bit has happened. 

I have finally finished my 2 week contract 9 weeks after starting.  It feels nice to be needed but my house really didn’t like me being away.  DH has done an alright job but he is a typical male and doesn’t see alot of the mess.  Enough about that…..what’s been happening with me you ask

Well….I survived my nana’s funeral.  The service was good and described her to a T.  I now remember who I inherited my hoarding bug from.  It was good to catch up with my half brother who is now a full foot taller than me and he’s only 17.  How the fuck did that happen???  Last time I saw him he was a 12yo short arse.  And I also got to catch up with my step mum and step auntie…who I have had many a good drinking session quiet night with before my kids came along.  And also got to see my auntie and uncle who I haven’t seen in about 2 years.  Thank god the one person I really didn’t want to see, my father, I managed to avoid for most of the day except when my sister and I decided it was his shout at the bar.  We got a couple of drinks out of him so at least he has contributed something to my life lately.

I am trying to let go of some of the guilt that I have been carrying around for the last couple of months in relation to my nana.  It still eats me up that I wasn’t able to tell her sorry but at least she was told that Till (my sis) and I were going to visit.  So hopefully she’s listening and understands that post pregnancy hormones do really weird things to a woman’s sense of reason.

Anyway….enough of that crap….onto the good things that have been going on.

About a month ago we got a call from the pound “Are you missing a dog” they ask.  “Why yes we are” we answer.  18 mths ago our little girl was stolen went missing when we were out.  She was a beautiful 3mth old little staffie and the daughter of our other staffie who went missing not long after.  Well it seems whoever found her registered her (without a name & address in the council file…go figure) but she ran away from them and the council picked her up.  We’d microchiped her so when she was scanned our details came up and they rang us.  $250 later and she is home where she belongs.  She hasn’t changed a bit apart from being a bit bigger than when we last saw her…..oh and they’ve made money, put her thru hell, she’s had a litter along the way somewhere.  My poor little girl.

And my last bit of news….for today at least….is I am now offically a Creative Memories Consultant.  I have never done anything like this before so hopefully all will go well.  I’ve got some great support from my upline and director so fingers crossed I can get the balls to stand in front of complete strangers and sell heaps of product.  Anyone interested in having a party???

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What to do??

Well my contract has been extended for another week so I must be (as Kelley says) teh awesome.  The work has varied heaps from what I was originally assigned to do but I don’t mind as it stops it from being boring.  DH hasn’t been doing a very good job at being Mr Mum.  I’ve been coming home to a pigsty most days so I don’t know if I can handle working for much longer.  Maybe I need to get DH onto flylady but that probably won’t work.  It’s not hard to grasp the concept of folding clothes as soon as they are washed and dry (I know I wasn’t the best at it but I didn’t expect DH to do it when he got home from work).  My Mt Foldmore is disgusting.  At least I don’t have to deal with the kids for the holidays.  I know that doesn’t sound good but sometimes my boys just lose it when they’re together for too long and I can’t deal with the fighting at the moment.  At least DH can deal with them better.  He has a louder voice and smacks harder than I do so they know not to play up.

I’ll have to take a day off work sometime this week so I wonder how that will go down.  My grandmother passed away this morning.  We knew she was sick for a couple of weeks and my sis flew in today for the week and we were going to go see her tomorrow together.  Sis has always been the favourite so I thought it would be easier to go with her.  Unfortunately we didn’t get there in time.  I haven’t seen my GM in about 3 years for a stupid reason and now I’m feeling guilty for letting the petty reason get to me.  I also haven’t seen my dad for about the same amount of time so it will be interesting at the funeral but at least I’ll be able to see my auntie who I haven’t seen in a while.


I’m going to have to deal with all the shit that comes with my Dad’s side of the family that I have been avoiding for so long. 

Should I let rip or bite my tongue?

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I’m back in the world of the working mum

I can’t believe it.  I walked into the interview at 9am, walked out at 9.15am and had the job at 10.45 and start monday 8.30….not bad.

It’s a 2-4wk contract reconciling 200 creditor statements at a construction company so hopefully they will be pretty laid back.

The only thing i’m looking forward to is the pay packet and once this contract is up DH will be getting the shove back to work.  I’m going to have to leave him a list of things to do on a daily basis otherwise I just know that I will walk into a pigsty when I get home.  I might even be nice enough to make sure dinner is prepped so all he has to do is cook it…..Aren’t I a lovely wife.

The other great thing about working is the uninterrupted sleep I will get… more getting up to Braydon at 2am, 3am, 4am….you get the picture.  Mr Mum will get all the lovely mummy jobs…..hahahahaha

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OMG!!! I’ve got an interview tomorrow!!

Shit!!!  Why did I decide to give in to DH and apply for a job.  I rang an agency 1/2 an hour ago and now have an interview at 9am tomorrow…..FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!

What am I going to wear??

I haven’t worked in over 12 mths and I don’t know what work clothes fit me now…..


Oh well…DH wants me to work for a couple of weeks so he’ll have to give me some money to go shopping.

I suppose there is a bright side…shopping…and $25 an hour.

But….FUCK…i’m nervous.  Can you tell by all the swearing.  I better go grab out what clothes I have and start planing what i’m going to wear.  Wish me luck people.

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