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The 1/2 week that was….

It was 9.30 am Wednesday 12th November.  I get the call.  A local number near home but not ours is ringing me.  It’s J’s school. Broken his arm at school.  WTF?!?  I beat them to emergency by about 10min.  He arrived by ambulance high as a kite thanks to his magic whistle which he thought was all a dream.  It was bad enough that we had to stay overnight.  His arm was operated on at 7.30pm and out of theatre at 8.15 so he wasn’t under for very long but it was still scary.  We were discharged at 10.30am the next day and I was at work at 12pm.  Life as a casual sucks.  No sick leave. 

He was so brave during it all.  The ambo’s were fantastic.  During the day they kept popping back in and saying hello.  The last time I saw them was around 5pm and they told me they started at 7.30am and still hadn’t had a meal break.  Something has to be done about that.  Anyway, we have to go back to fracture clinic on Monday for more x-rays and his new cast.  He’s asked for Pinky-Purple coloured cast….should I be worried?

 Last night we took the J & C to see the monster truck world titles.  They were so loud.  Glad we didn’t take B.  It would have been way too loud for a baby.  There were people there with really young children and didn’t have earplugs in their ears……Hello People….little children+really really loud noises=not good.  The boys had their earmuffs so they were set.  A good time was had by all.  Even the one with the Broken Arm.


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Mindless dribble….

Well where should I begin??  I have been absent for a while now due to a few things going on.

I’m still working temp fulltime but am really missing my boys.  There was talk of going permanent but they haven’t said diddly squat since then about a month ago.  Have been there 4 mths now and not sure I want to work permanently just yet.  I got a txt the other day from DH telling me my baby stood by himself.  I told him not to txt me something like that when I’m at work.  It ripped me up so much.  He’s my baby I’m meant to be the one that was his whole world, that was with him for all those firsts.  I missed out on J doing all that stuff and finally got to enjoy some of it with C.  But B is my baby.  10mths old already.

I really want to stay home and look after my family.  I was starting to get the house in really good shape before I got this job.  Now it’s a tip.  Well…not really a tip but you know what I mean.  DH doesn’t see the details.  He’ll tidy but not clean. He does the washing but it ends up folded, sitting on the lounge for days.  I just don’t have the energy for working 2 fulltime jobs.  I’ve warned DH that if he doesn’t start doing more around the house I’m finding him a job.


I’m joining Kelley’s International not post every day of this month.  It’s going to be a tough one going by my history so far.  (And that was my first link & button.  I can’t believe it worked..Go Me!!)

Anyway…It’s late and I better get to bed. 

PS. I’m not going to be slack anymore….all comments will be replied to…;)

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