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I’m back in the world of the working mum

I can’t believe it.  I walked into the interview at 9am, walked out at 9.15am and had the job at 10.45 and start monday 8.30….not bad.

It’s a 2-4wk contract reconciling 200 creditor statements at a construction company so hopefully they will be pretty laid back.

The only thing i’m looking forward to is the pay packet and once this contract is up DH will be getting the shove back to work.  I’m going to have to leave him a list of things to do on a daily basis otherwise I just know that I will walk into a pigsty when I get home.  I might even be nice enough to make sure dinner is prepped so all he has to do is cook it…..Aren’t I a lovely wife.

The other great thing about working is the uninterrupted sleep I will get… more getting up to Braydon at 2am, 3am, 4am….you get the picture.  Mr Mum will get all the lovely mummy jobs…..hahahahaha


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OMG!!! I’ve got an interview tomorrow!!

Shit!!!  Why did I decide to give in to DH and apply for a job.  I rang an agency 1/2 an hour ago and now have an interview at 9am tomorrow…..FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!

What am I going to wear??

I haven’t worked in over 12 mths and I don’t know what work clothes fit me now…..


Oh well…DH wants me to work for a couple of weeks so he’ll have to give me some money to go shopping.

I suppose there is a bright side…shopping…and $25 an hour.

But….FUCK…i’m nervous.  Can you tell by all the swearing.  I better go grab out what clothes I have and start planing what i’m going to wear.  Wish me luck people.

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WHAT???? I have to go back to work???

That’s what I screamed when DH came home on Friday to tell me he had quit his job.  It seems one of the guys he works with is a physco and was causing problems so DH decided to get out of there before said physco lost the plot (like he lost funny home videos last night…hahahaha – said physco had video in the final last week).  Anyway, DH decided that since Braydon is now 5mths old I could go get some temp work for a bit so he can have a break from working.  This is the longest I have been home with my kids and I am enjoying it heaps.  Jacob was 4mths when I went back, Caleb was 5mths….I see a pattern emerging.

Next week it is time to contact the agencies and find out which ones pay the best.  I have data entry speeds of between 13000-14000ksph and it’s end of financial year so I shouldn’t have a problem getting a job but I am stressing to DH that it’s for a couple of weeks only.  I am not going back to work fulltime.  Been there, done that, am over it.  Not to mention i’ll miss my babies too much.

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