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HELP!!! I am in a Mad House

OMG my boys are feral today.  There must be some kind of switch in their brains that as soon as DH leaves the house they find themselves going crazy. 

I wonder if they are just trying to do mummy’s head in….

I think I need to go attack the tray of Blondies I made this morning and try and tune them out.



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I’m now in the world of Blogging

Well I’m here!!!  I’m in the world of blogging!!!

On the web there are so many interesting blogs…(Kelley you would be right up there on my favorites)..but i’ll probably disappoint alot of you.  Most likely my blogs will revolve around my boys Jacob, Caleb & Braydon.  They are my world and without them I don’t know what I would do.  DH might appear every now and then but mainly just to bitch about him most likely.  He won’t know about this…..our little secret I think.

I might also include my daily flying.  No i’m not a pilot or on drugs…i’m a flybaby and proud of it.  Flylady has turned my house around.  Still a work in progress but i’m getting there.  Speaking of which I better get my butt in gear & get something done today.

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